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About Us
Xiamen is a beautiful coastal city as well as an energetic and vigorous port city in Southeast China. It holds a championship of the International Nations in Bloom Competition, and has been accredited as City of Civility by the Chinese Government. Being one of the first Chinese cities opened to the outside world, Xiamen is the regional economic center on the western coast of the Taiwan Straits. The economy in Xiamen has been growing fast and steadily in decades, and its social undertakings boomed at a equal pace.
Brief Introduction to the Xiamen Software Park
General planning
Investment Guiding
I. Application conditions for admission to the Park
Enterprises which have been determined to be software enterprise, integrated circuit designing, animation producing, game development or operation, computer information system ...
Procedures of Application and Examination
Property Delivery Procedure
Service Institutions
I. Administration Committee of Xiamen City Software Park
The administration committee is in charge of business invitation, enterprise services, park area management and other works in the second phase of the Xiamen Software Park. ...
Service Institutions
Telephone numbers of service institutions
Support Platform
In order to improve the technology innovation ability of small and medium sized enterprises, to lower their manufacturing costs and to enhance their manufacturing level and product quality, Xiamen Municipal Government invests to build three technology platforms in the park ...
Brief Introduction to the Public Technology Pla...
Public technology production, education and res...
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